UJAM Finisher Bundle

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The UJAM Bundle includes 7 Finishers. Finisher is a brand-new type of audio effect plug-in that’s designed to combine the power of an entire effect rack with the ease-of-use and instant gratification of a single vocal or guitar effect plugin.

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The UJAM Finisher bundle. Finisher is designed to be hyper-simplified at surface level. No complicated setup, no armada of knobs and buttons, no learning curve. Just browse through the ready-made Modes (scripted and automated multi-effect chains under the hood) and enjoy the – probably – most straight-forward and delightful sound-design process ever. It’s not just an effect. It is the solution to not having to use a plethora of effects. You could think of a Finisher as a channel strip with virtually unlimited slots for effect processors, all of which can be switched on and off at the change of the Mode.

Includes Fluxx (shaping, manipulation, polish and degradation), Retro (classic reverbs, delays, flangers, tubes and tape hiss), Dynamo (animated soundscapes, step filters, multiband distortion, delays and convolution reverbs), Boost (create impacts, an alternative to risers), Voodoo (organic guitar effects) and Neo (modern and epic effects), plus the free Micro.

Each plug-in has one Finisher knob and up to four Variation knobs. The Finisher knob is a macro-control, steering complex effect-chains under the hood.

Key Features

  • 7 finishers (includes one free plug-in)
  • 1035 presets
  • 335 multi-effect modes

System Requirements

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