SSL Drum Flow And Drumstrip Bundle

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Drum Flow And Drumstrip Bundle

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SSL and Harrison bring together studio legends from Oxford and Nashville with the Drum Flow and Drumstrip Plug-in Bundle.


The secret to making an average drum recording sound incredible can be elusive. It takes the right combination of processors, with the perfect sonic character, in the correct configuration and tweaked in the right way. Drumstrip takes drum sounds from ordinary and average to vibrant and exhilarating in a few quick, easy steps.

Plug in, switch on and experiment. Drumstrip handles the hard part; putting the right selection of fantastic sounding processing tools in your hands in an instant.

With Drumstrip, DAW users can attain increased presence, clarity and detail in their drum tracks; reduce spill in individual tracks; restore natural brightness; achieve greater perceived loudness; shorten or lengthen the attack and sustain of percussive signals; tighten up booming toms; make kicks and snares stand out in a mix; and parallel compress room mics.

  • Apple M1 Native Support: Drumstrip is a universal binary, and features M1 Native support.
  • Carefully selected collection of five audio processing tools
  • Transient shaper with Transient Invert to bring the attack phase of your drums to life
  • Transient Shaper Audition enables you to isolate and monitor the effect of the Transient Shaper
  • Dedicated drum Gate with range and independent open and close threshold controls
  • High Frequency Enhancer to invigorate top end
  • Low Frequency Enhancer to improve bass frequencies
  • The classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor with additional bypass function to alter the legendary band-limited compression to full range compression
  • Adjustable processor order—because a different processing order is required for different types of drums
  • Input & Output Level metering with additional RMS meters


Drum Flow allows you to mix and match 6 different modules to shape your drums in any way you want. You can modify the character of your drums, add sub-tones or noise with the built-in signal generator for flavour, and then dial in the perfect amount of compression, EQ, and gate to fit it perfectly in your mix. And you can do it all from one simple interface. You can route the modules in any order you want, and you can adjust the input, output, and routing levels with ease.

Drum Character – the Drum Character is an EQ that detects the transients of drum hits and allows you to EQ their Attack and Tail ranges separately. The Threshold slider attached to the input meter on the left sets the level at which the Drum Character EQ gets triggered. Whenever the input signal exceeds the Threshold, the Trigger Indicator light above the input meter will flash indicating that a new drum hit transient has been detected. Set the Threshold so that it only triggers on the desired drum hits.

Signal Generator – the Signal Generator offers a convenient way to enhance drum hits with various types of synthesized signals, such as white noise on a snare or a low-frequency sine wave on a kick. The generated signal is fed through a gate which is keyed off of the main input allowing the signal to be triggered on drum hits. The generated signal can then be blended with the main input signal in parallel using the Wet and Dry faders.

Compressor – Harrison’s full-featured console compressor with Ratio, Attack, Release, and Makeup controls. The Compressor is based on the Harrison Mixbus channel strip compressor.

Filters – the Filter module contains a Low-Pass Filter (LPF) and a High-Pass Filter (HPF) with variable slopes. Set the corner frequencies of the Filters by adjusting their Frequency knobs or by typing values directly into the corresponding Frequency control labels.

32C Channel EQ – the 32C Channel EQ is modelled after the analogue EQ found on the Harrison 32C channel strip. It has four bands with Frequency and Gain controls, optional high & low shelf filters, and an Output Trim control. The four bands consist of a HI band, LOW band, and two MID bands. Each band section has Frequency controls on top and Gain controls on the bottom. You can adjust these parameters with the knobs or by typing values directly into the corresponding control labels.

  • Transient waveform and EQ displays
  • Expander/Gate tightens drum sound and removes bleed from nearby drum mics
  • Processing elements separated into easy-to-use module controls
  • Master controls consisting of input, output and routing sections
  • Wet and Dry level faders
  • Mac/Windows/Linux compatible

Supported formats: AAX, VST, VST3, AU

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