Sound Particles Space Controller Standard

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Space Controller is the best way to pan sounds in surround and immersive. Simply connect your mobile device to a DAW, use it as a movement reader and pan the sounds to where you’re pointing.

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Panning with knobs in stereo is perfectly fine. However, when working with surround or 3D sound, even when using joysticks, it’s much harder to get the results we’re looking for. By connecting a mobile device and its motion sensors with any DAW, Sound Particles’ patent pending technology offers a highly efficient and intuitive way to pan sounds to where you point the device. Every movement you can imagine is now possible, easier than ever – and just a touch away. Space Controller is a plugin and an app, that together allow you to pan sound from stereo to any immersive format, either in a home studio or mixing stage.


Space Controller allows changing the size of sources, which will control the width of each sound. Higher sizes will make a sound reach for more speakers, whereas sounds with smaller sizes will reach less speakers.


It is possible to individually hold each position-related parameters, either as coordinates in Cube mode or angles in Sphere.


Choose from four different modes – Mono, Dual, Rotation and Symmetric – to place and move each source independently, control and rotate the entire sound field, or even use the Symmetric Mode to control the width of a 5.1 recording.

Cube vs Sphere

Space Controller offers the possibility of panning either in Cube or Sphere Mode, depending on your preferred workflow.

Multiple Views

It is possible to select between top and rear views to get consistent visual cues of where the sound is being placed.

Stereo, Multichannel and Immersive Support

From stereo to 5.1, from FOA to Binaural, Space Controller Standard provides several output options for the panner.

iPod Support

Do you want a cheap dedicated controller for your studio? You can use an iPod touch instead of a mobile phone.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth
  • Stereo, Binaural, FOA, 5.1
  • Perfect for a Home Studio

System Requirements

Space Controller fully supports Intel/Apple Silicon

  • OS – Mac OSX 10.11 or higher – Windows 10 SP1 or above
  • Format – AAX Native, AU, VST and VST3


    CPU – 2-core or higher

  • RAM – 4 GB or higher
  • Disk Space – 600 MB


  • CPU – 4-core or higher
  • RAM – 8 GB or higher
  • Disk Space – 600 MB

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