Polyverse I WISH

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Granular note freezer plug-in. When a note is hit, I Wish plays a tiny loop at the wavelength of that note. That loop has the pitch of the note, with the frequency content of the audio input. T​his allows the creation of an array of highly musical effects, ranging from robotic speech, through glitchy effects, to out-of-this-world synth sounds.

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Polyverse I Wish is a unique “pitch freezer” plug-in that allows you to take any sound — a vocal recording, a drum beat or even noise — and instantly freeze it in time and pitch. Best for creating pitched stutter effects, robotic sounds, and amazing soundscapes, I Wish helps you achieve incredible effects never heard before. Is I Wish a synthesizer? Is it a granular effect? It’s both!

I Wish is the only plug-in that allows pitch based micro-editing on the fly. Since the result is heavily dependent on the audio and MIDI you feed the plug-in, it will always be highly personalized and unique to you.

Key Features

  • Create robotic pitch effects
  • Impose pitch on drums
  • Realtime wavetable sampling
  • Granular vocal basslines
  • Liven up boring sounds

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System Requirements

  • VST or Audio Unit hosts
  • Windows XP and up
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and up
  • The Plug-in contains 32 and 64 bit versions for both PC and Mac
  • The license of “I Wish” is personal, and includes all future updates

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