Eventide Spring

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Spring models the sound and character of the popular artificial reverbs found in guitar amplifiers. It also goes a step further by allowing access to physical parameter controls not readily available in a real spring tank.

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By tweaking these parameters, the Spring algorithm can create faithful representations of real springs or push the physical boundaries to achieve new distinctive sounds. Pay extra attention to the Tension [TNSION] and Num Springs [NUMSPR] knobs to control the amount of “springiness”. For good measure, we’ve also included a tube amp style tremolo at the reverb input.

Key Features

  • Mix: wet/dry between reverb and tremolo dry signal
  • Decay: decay in seconds or note-based in Tempo Mode
  • Tension: Controls spring tension
  • Number of Springs: number of springs in the ‘tank,’ mixes in 1 to 3 springs
  • Low Band Damping: Sets the damping frequency for the low end
  • High Band Damping: Sets the damping frequency for the high end
  • Tempo is turned ON/OFF on the H9 by simultaneously pressing the Right Footswitch and the PRESETS button
  • With Tempo OFF, tapping can be used to adjust delay parameter values (displayed as milliseconds or Hz)
  • With Tempo ON, tempo is in BPM
  • Modify pitch by musical intervals (diatonic) to harmonize vocals or solo instruments
  • Tremolo Intensity: input tremolo intensity or depth (tremolo is pre-reverb)
  • Tremolo Rate: input tremolo rate in Hz or note-based in Tempo Mode
  • Modulation Level: mixes in modulation for a nice chorusing effect
  • Resonance: metallic resonance at the [HI-DMP] frequency

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System Requirements

All H9 algorithms require an H9 stompbox to function.

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