EastWest String Machine

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Paying homage to the great vintage string synthesizers of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, EastWest’s String Machine virtual instrument brings the past into the future.

  • Combining retro and modern sounds
  • Four layers for rich, powerful sounds
  • Useful for Cinematic Epic through to Pop
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Produced by sound titans Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix. String Machine includes samples from some of the greats – the Arp Solina, Oberheim OBX, Roland RS-505 and the Roland Jupiter 6. You can instantly combine the classics with modern strings, brass, woodwinds and vocals to create unique vintage vibes perfect for your next pop, rock, or hip-hop masterpiece.

Type: Virtual Instrument
Supported Formats: Stand-alone | AAX | AU | VST2 | VST3
iLok Required: Account – Yes | Dongle – No
Mac Minimum Requirements: macOS 10.13
Windows Minimum Requirements: Windows 10 with ASIO sound drivers
Minimum System Requirements: Quad-core running at 2.7 GHz, 16GB RAM, 7200 rpm HDD Drive (non-energy saving)

String Machines were well known for their ensemble chorus effects. The one included in String Machine features 3 modes, each with distinct characteristics. With effect emulations modelled from the Arp Solina and Roland VP-330 hardware units, along with a ‘Modern’ mode, the Ensemble Chorus effect delivers everything from vintage warmth and thickness, to modern transparency and dimension.

String Machine’s use is flexible, owing to its hybrid design of electronic and acoustic instruments. It fits right at home in a variety of genres, electronic or otherwise. It's especially suited to genres heavy on retro nostalgia, like chillwave or pop. Any piece of music that needs a large ensemble string pad would benefit by using String Machine.

String Machine features 4 colour-coded instrument sections. These are string machines and pads (red), string sections (green), solo woodwinds and brass (teal) and choirs and solo vocals (orange). Each instrument section features a number of instruments and alternatives, giving you countless ways to combine them into a diverse range of timbres. Individual instrument sections can be easily mixed together to create rich, multi-layered pads.

String Machine comes with 17 presets programmed by Nick Phoenix. These presets demonstrate the type of sounds possible with String Machine, but we encourage you to use String Machine as it was intended - by creating your own presets!

With high-quality sampling of vintage hardware units and authentic ensemble chorus emulations, String Machine is the perfect companion to recreate the classic sounds of vintage string machine synthesizers and much more. Whether you need a synthy string pad heavy with retro nostalgia, or a rich backdrop for a pop track, String Machine gives you the instruments and controls that empower you to deliver.

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EastWest - String Machine

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