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Discover Bitwig Studio, the innovative music creation and performance software for all major platforms. Experience seamless integration of linear timeline sequencing together with nonlinear, performance-oriented clip launching and an intuitive user interface that adapts to each step of your workflow. Bitwig Studio is the single solution for realizing any musical idea across every stage of production.

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Bitwig Studio 4.4 including the brand new Spectral Suite add-on.

Bitwig Studio 1 was hello, world! Version 2 brought program-wide modulators and CV integration. Version 3 saw the birth of The Grid, our modular sound-design environment. And for version 4, new musical timelines have arrived.

This means comping for audio clips, both in the Clip Launcher and the Arranger. A new set of Operators, for changing the chance, recurrence, and more of any note or audio event. Random Spread for any expression point (like per-note pitch, or audio panning) with perfect control. And Native Apple Silicon support on Mac, even allowing Intel and ARM plug-ins to work side-by-side.

Welcome to Bitwig Studio 4.

Audio Comping, Anywhere the Clip Goes

Since the invention of studio recording, our task has been to create the perfect performance. Comping allows you to combine the best parts of many takes, and Bitwig Studio provides this and more.

Operators: Maybe the Best Loops Don’t

Modulation has always been a centrepiece of Bitwig Studio. Modulators have been there all along, putting device parameters into motion. And now with Operators, sequenced note and audio events can become electric too. This leads to clips that go to different possibilities and timelines, either by programming, by performance control, or by destiny.


Bitwig Studio 4 sees the arrival of comping for audio clips and Operators for all sequenced events. The brand-new sound package Anti-Loops uses these features to push the idea of what a loop is to the breaking point, with 100+ clips crafted by expert sound designers like Cristian Vogel, Pat Cupo, Polarity and others.

Spectral Suite, the first add-on for Bitwig Studio, consists of four new and unique audio effects. By working in the frequency domain, these devices split your audio into hundreds of frequency bands for analysis, and group similar elements together onto channels. From there, you mix the channels as you normally would — adjust the volume, move the panning, or insert a plug-in. Each device gives access to a different element of the sound:

Transient Split divides percussive transients and tonal sounds. Only stuttering the drum hits in a full loop might be nice. Or separating instruments from percussion means mixing the way you want to.

Loud Split separates the quiet, mid, and loud elements within a sound. Cranking up the softest parts of a sound will instantly transform it. Or let a thin section of the sound ring out without breaking the mix.

Harmonic Split spreads harmonics into two groups, and collects non-harmonics into a third channel. We could isolate the fundamental frequency and give everything else some distance. Or maybe distorting the even harmonics and adding chorus to the odds is the new cool thing?…

Freq Split distributes a sound across four channels, like a set of filter banks. With random delay times and panning on each channel, we’ve got a spectral delay. Or use Bitwig’s modulators to shuffle thru a different effect on each channel for a new kind of phaser.

Outer Spectra – A New Sound Package – Spectral Suite is accompanied by Outer Spectra, a sound package with 72 presets and 76 clips, all showcasing the four spectral devices in a multitude of musical and mix-related contexts.

Key Features

  • Spectral Suite requires Bitwig Studio 4.3.9 or later
  • High-performance audio software, with full multicore and multiprocessor support
  • ASIO, Core Audio, and JACK support including JACK transport on all platforms
  • 32-bit floating point audio processing, up to 192 kHz audio sample rate
  • Scalable vector-based GUI
  • Audio-, instrument-, hybrid tracks Unlimited
  • Effect tracks Unlimited
  • Group tracks (with groups in groups) Unlimited
  • Scenes Unlimited
  • VST plug-ins (with 32-/64-bit bridging, delay compensation, and crash protection) Unlimited
  • VST plug-in multi-out and side-chain support
  • New Audio comping

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System Requirements

  • macOS 10.14 or later
  • Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 18.04 or later
  • Display: Minimum 1280 x 768 pixel screen resolution
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB RAM
  • Disk Space: Minimum 12GB free disk space (for full content installation)
  • Internet Connection: Decent connection to download bundled content (not included with installer)

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